John Deere’s extensive line of heavy equipment is designed to tackle the toughest tasks in construction, landscaping, and agriculture. Known for their durability and advanced technology, these machines are geared towards enhancing efficiency and productivity on any job site. In this blog, we’ll compare different models of John Deere equipment to help you understand their features and find the right fit for your projects.



John Deere offers a wide range of excavators, designed to cater to a variety of needs across the construction industry. Their lineup includes mini, mid-size, and large excavators, each available in multiple models to ensure that every specific requirement and budget is met.


Mini Excavators

Ideal for tight spaces and smaller construction tasks, John Deere’s mini excavators combine compact design with strong performance. The models in this category include:

  • 17G and 17 P-Tier: Perfect for confined areas, offering precision in landscaping and small-scale excavation tasks.
  • 26G and 26 P-Tier: Slightly larger, these models are versatile for residential projects and utility work.
  • 30G and 30 P-Tier: These provide a balance of power and size, ideal for more demanding tasks that still require compact equipment.
  • 35G and 35 P-Tier: Excellent for tasks requiring deeper digging and more lifting capacity without compromising on maneuverability.
  • 50 P-Tier and 60 P-Tier: At the top end of the mini range, these excavators offer the highest power and capacity, suitable for a broad range of tasks from plumbing to landscaping.


Mid-Size Excavators

These excavators are designed for projects that require additional power and reach but still prioritize fuel efficiency and versatility:

  • 75 P-Tier and 85 P-Tier: Best suited for mid-level projects, offering a good balance between size and capability.
  • 130 P-Tier to 160 P-Tier: These models enhance productivity in urban construction and infrastructure projects.
  • 190G W to 210 P-Tier: Ideal for heavy lifting and substantial earthmoving, with increased horsepower and improved hydraulics.
  • 245 P-Tier to 380 P-Tier: These are the largest in the mid-size category, designed for tasks that require significant depth and extensive reach.


Large Excavators

For the heaviest tasks in construction and mining, John Deere’s large excavators offer maximum durability and power:

  • 470 P-Tier, 670 P-Tier, and 870 P-Tier: These models are built for heavy-duty operations, capable of handling large volumes of material. They’re perfect for large-scale excavation, mining, and major construction foundations, providing extensive power, exceptional durability, and advanced technology for efficient operations.


Compact Track Loaders

John Deere provides a selection of compact track loaders that are designed to tackle a list of tasks in construction, landscaping, and agriculture. These machines are known for their strength and ability to work in various conditions, especially where more traction and stability are needed.



  • 317G: This compact track loader is a great starting option for those who need a reliable machine capable of handling landscaping and small construction jobs. It’s easy to maneuver and works well in tighter spaces or on projects that require a delicate touch.
  • 325G: A step up in size and power from the 317G, the 325G offers enhanced lifting capabilities and a larger bucket capacity, which makes it suitable for a broader range of activities, from loading materials to clearing debris.
  • 331G: The largest model in the lineup, the 331G is designed for those who need the most lifting power and stability. It is ideal for moving large volumes of material and excels in environments that demand durability and traction, such as muddy or rough terrains.


Compact Wheel Loaders

John Deere’s range of compact wheel loaders is designed for users who need dependable lifting and loading capabilities in a more manageable size. These loaders are well-suited for a variety of tasks including construction, agricultural, and landscaping projects.



  • 184 G-TIER: This model is ideal for those who require a reliable loader that’s easy to operate. It’s particularly suited for moving materials in small spaces or handling jobs in residential or urban environments.
  • 204 G-TIER: With a bit more power than the 184 G-TIER, this loader offers increased capacity for handling and transporting heavier loads, making it a good choice for mid-level tasks in building and farming.
  • 244 P-TIER: This loader provides a good balance between size and functionality, with enhanced lifting power for more demanding projects that still require a compact machine.
  • 304 G-TIER: A versatile and strong loader, the 304 G-TIER is capable of performing in a variety of settings, from industrial job sites to larger agricultural operations.
  • 324 P-TIER and 344 P-TIER: These are the largest models in the compact range, offering the highest capacity and power for intensive loading tasks. They are particularly effective in environments where space is less of a constraint, but the need for a powerful yet manageable loader remains.


Skid Steers

John Deere offers a versatile lineup of skid steers that are great for tasks in areas like building, farming, and taking care of landscapes. These machines are easy to use and can move around in small, tight places.



  • 316GR: This is the smallest model, perfect for simple jobs like moving dirt or cleaning up a site. It’s easy to handle and great for getting into narrow spaces.
  • 318G: A step up in terms of size and power, the 318G offers more lifting capacity and is well-suited for tasks that require a bit more muscle, such as transporting soil or mulch in landscaping projects.
  • 320G: The 320G balances compact size with increased capability, making it ideal for both residential and commercial construction sites where versatility and power are needed without a large footprint.
  • 324G: This model enhances the operator’s experience with greater lifting capacity and a more spacious cabin, allowing for comfortable operation during longer working hours. It’s capable of tackling more demanding tasks with ease.
  • 330G and 332G: These are the largest and most powerful models in the skid steer line. They are designed for heavy-duty tasks and can handle everything from road construction to loading large quantities of material. These models provide maximum efficiency and are equipped with features that allow for high productivity in challenging environments.



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John Deere’s Impact in Construction

John Deere has a long-standing history in the construction industry, known for its durable and reliable machinery. Since its entry into the construction equipment market, John Deere has made significant contributions to building and infrastructure projects around the world. Their machines, ranging from excavators to skid steers, are designed to meet the tough demands of construction work.

This commitment to quality and innovation has helped John Deere earn a trusted reputation among contractors and construction companies. Today, John Deere continues to play an important role in shaping modern landscapes by providing the tools necessary for building everything from roads to residential properties.


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John Deere’s heavy equipment lineup offers a solution for every construction, landscaping, and agricultural need. From compact track loaders to powerful excavators and skid steers, each model is built with the quality and reliability John Deere is known for. This guide has provided a detailed comparison to help you make an informed decision about the right machinery for your projects.

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