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turf pusher attachment protech snow pusher attachment for turf

This lightweight but durable plow smoothly glides over natural and artificial playing fields with minimal disruption to the surface. The Turf Pusher contains and stacks snow and allows customers to keep their playing fields open all year round. The first snow pusher of its kind made specifically for sports fields.

  • Clear snow from natural and artificial playing fields and field covers
  • For artificial turf the Turf Pusher clears snow with minimal disruption of crumb rubber
  • Compatible with skid steers and tractor loaders
  • Eliminates game or practice delays caused by snow
  • Pin-on coupler allows for multiple connection options
  • Available Sizes: 6ft, 8ft

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Pro-Tech Turf Pusher Specs:

Skid Steer
ModelWidthApprox. WeightMachine Minimum (HP)MoldboardSideplateSnow CapacityPrice
SP06T6′318 lbs.28 hp28″28″ x 28″3 yd.$4,399 + $480 for coupler
SP08T8′408 lbs.34 hp28″28″ x 28″4 yd.$4,799+ $480 for coupler
Compact Tractor
ModelWidthApprox. WeightMachine Minimum (HP)MoldboardSideplateSnow CapacityPrice
SP06T6′318 lbs.28 hp28″28″ x 28″3 yd.$4,399 + $480 for coupler
SP08T8′408 lbs.34 hp28″28″ x 28″4 yd.$4,799+ $480 for coupler

Product Features

Removing snow from synthetic turf or natural grass sports fields is challenging and time-intensive. Snow accumulation can postpone or outright cancel events, and many groundskeepers are cautious about clearing snow from costly artificial surfaces. This turf-specific snow plow is designed to move effortlessly over both turf and field covers, with its tubular edge designed to minimize disruption to the surface.

  • Clear snow from turf sports fields
  • Minimizes displacement of crumb rubber
  • Eliminate game or practice delays caused by snow
  • Multiple connection types are available
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • From $4,399

Why Professionals Choose Pro-Tech For Their Sports Fields

  • Innovative Design for Sports Fields: The Pro-Tech Turf Pusher is the first snow plow engineered specifically for clearing snow from both artificial turf and natural grass athletic fields, addressing a unique and pressing need.
  • Risk and Time Reduction: Traditional snow removal on sports fields is risky and time-consuming, with the potential for event delays or cancellations. The Turf Pusher efficiently mitigates these issues, smoothly gliding over turf and minimizing surface disruption.
  • Versatile Connection Options: With multiple connection options and a bolt-on design, the Turf snow pusher allows for easy swapping of coupler styles, accommodating various prime movers and ensuring compatibility across equipment changes.
  • Wide Acceptance: Since its introduction, the Turf Pusher has become popular among professional sports teams, colleges, and high schools throughout North America, proving its effectiveness and reliability.
  • Sizes for Different Needs: Available in 6’ and 8’ models for skid steers and compact tractors, the snow pusher offers flexibility to meet different snow removal requirements.
  • Minimized Disruption: Utilizing a metal-tubed edge instead of a traditional plowing edge, the turf snow pusher ensures minimal disruption to the playing surface, offering grounds crews a reliable snow removal solution.
  • Supports Continuous Training and Events: By facilitating efficient snow removal, the Turf Pusher helps keep training schedules and events on track, especially for smaller schools where athletes prefer practicing over snow shoveling.
  • Endorsed by the Pros: Its presence in nationally televised sporting events and endorsements from leading artificial turf manufacturers underscore the Turf Pusher’s success and effectiveness in professional settings.

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