Heavy Construction Equipment

At Five Star Equipment, we recognize the critical role that dependable, high-performance machinery plays in your construction projects. That’s why we’re dedicated to offering a comprehensive selection of top-tier John Deere heavy construction equipment in Pennsylvania and New York. Our inventory is filled with the newest models from this industry-leading brand. Our sales team has decades of experience in construction and will partner with you to develop the perfect solution for your business.

John Deere Heavy Construction Equipment

From equipment to attachments to remote monitoring technologies, the Five Star team will help you find a solution with unmatched uptime and low operating costs with our John Deere heavy construction equipment:

  • Motor Graders
  • Scraper Systems
  • Tractor Loaders
  • Waste Equipment
  • Wheel Loaders

Looking for compact construction equipment? Check out our equipment fleet of CCE here:

Build Your Own Construction Equipment

Build your own construction equipment exactly how you want it with John Deere’s Equipment Configurator.

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Our Heavy Equipment Fleet

articulated dump truck for sale in pa & ny; John Deere heavy construction equipment

Articulated Dump Trucks

John Deere’s Articulated Dump Trucks are engineered for transporting heavy loads across challenging terrains. Ideal for large construction sites, mining operations, and road-building projects, these trucks are built to move mountains.

backhoe loader for sale in pa & ny; John Deere heavy construction equipment

Backhoe Loaders

Our range of John Deere Backhoe Loaders offers versatility and power in one package. Perfect for digging, backfilling, trenching, and material handling, these machines are the backbone of any urban engineering and small construction project.



  • 310SL HL Backhoe Loader
  • 310SL Backhoe Loader
  • 310SL HL EP Backhoe Loader
  • 310SL HL EP SF Backhoe Loader
  • 310SL HL SF Backhoe Loader
  • 310SL HL Series Backhoe Loader
  • 310SL Series Backhoe Loader
  • 310SL TMC Backhoe Loader
  • 310SL TMC EP Backhoe Loader
  • 310SL TMC SF Backhoe Loader
dozer for sale in pa & ny; John Deere heavy construction equipment

Crawler Dozers

John Deere’s Crawler Dozers are designed to push heavy material over short distances. Frequently used for grading and leveling soil, clearing and deforestation, and road building, these dozers are the muscle of your construction site.


Large Dozers:

  • John Deere 1050K Crawler Dozer
  • John Deere 950K Crawler Dozer
  • John Deere 850K Crawler Dozer
  • John Deere 850K SmartGrade Crawler Dozer
  • John Deere 850K Waste Handler Crawler Dozer
  • John Deere 750K Crawler Dozer
  • John Deere 750K SmartGradeCrawler Dozer
  • John Deere 700K Crawler Dozer
  • John Deere 750K Smartgrade Crawler Dozer

Mid-Size Dozers:

  • John Deere 650K Crawler Dozer
  • John Deere 650L Crawler Dozer
  • John Deere 550K Crawler Dozer
  • John Deere 550L Crawler Dozer

Small Dozers:

  • John Deere 450K Crawler Dozer
  • John Deere 450L Crawler Dozer
  • John Deere 350K Crawler Dozer
  • John Deere 350L Crawler Dozer
  • John Deere 350B Crawler Dozer
wheel loader for sale in pa & ny; John Deere heavy construction equipment

Wheel Loaders

John Deere Wheel Loaders are designed to bring power and precision to your material handling tasks. These robust machines excel at loading, carrying, dumping, and grading, making them an essential addition to any construction, landscaping, or waste management project. With their high lift capacity and impressive fuel efficiency, John Deere Wheel Loaders not only enhance productivity but also contribute to cost savings.


Mid-Size Wheel Loaders:

Power range: 124.0-264.0 hp
Available John Deere models:

  • 444 P-Tier Wheel Loader
  • 524 P-Tier Wheel Loader
  • 544 G-Tier Wheel Loader
  • 544 P-Tier Wheel Loader
  • 624 P-Tier Wheel Loader
  • 644 G-Tier Wheel Loader
  • 644 P-Tier Wheel Loader
  • 644 X-Tier Wheel Loader
  • 724 P-Tier Wheel Loader

Large Wheel Loaders:

Power range: 303.0-536.0 hp
Available John Deere models:

  • 744 P-Tier
  • 824 P-Tier
  • 844 P-Tier
  • 904 P-Tier
  • 944 X-Tier
crawler loader for sale in pa & ny

Crawler Loaders

Move and load loose material with ease using John Deere’s Crawler Loaders. These machines are a common sight at construction sites, where they load material onto trucks, dig and move dirt, and level the ground.

  • John Deere 755K Crawler Loader
  • John Deere 655K Crawler Loader
mid size and large excavators for sale in pa & ny


Our range of John Deere Excavators is designed to take your digging and earth-moving projects to the next level. Known for their power, precision, and durability, these machines are a staple in any construction project. With John Deere’s quality engineering, you can trust these excavators to perform smoothly and efficiently, no matter the task at hand.

motor grader for sale in pa & ny; John Deere heavy construction equipment

Motor Graders

John Deere Motor Graders are essential for any project that requires precise grading and leveling. These machines offer superior control and flexibility, allowing you to shape the terrain to your exact specifications. Built with John Deere’s commitment to quality and durability, these motor graders are designed to withstand even the toughest construction environments.

  • John Deere 620G/GP Motor Grader
  • John Deere 622G/GP Motor Grader
  • John Deere 670G/GP Motor Grader
  • John Deere 672G/GP Motor Grader
  • John Deere 770G/GP Motor Grader
  • John Deere 772G/GP Motor Grader
  • John Deere 870G/GP Motor Grader
  • John Deere 872G/GP Motor Grader
scraper system for sale in pa & ny; John Deere heavy construction equipment

Scraper Systems

For efficient earth moving and soil leveling, look no further than John Deere’s Scraper Systems. These machines are designed to handle large volumes of soil, making them ideal for large-scale construction and land management projects. With John Deere’s renowned durability and performance, these scraper systems ensure your projects run smoothly from start to finish.

tractor loader for sale in pa & ny John Deere heavy construction equipment

Tractor Loaders

John Deere Tractor Loaders are versatile workhorses for any construction site. Capable of digging, loading, backfilling, and more, these machines are a valuable asset for a wide range of tasks. As with all John Deere equipment, these tractor loaders are built to last, ensuring reliable performance throughout your project.

  • John Deere 210 G-Tier Tractor Loader
  • John Deere 210 P-Tier Tractor Loader

Flexible Financing

At Five Star Equipment, we believe that acquiring top-quality John Deere construction equipment should be straightforward and affordable. That’s why we offer a variety of flexible financing options tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to purchase or lease, our dedicated financing team is here to guide you through the process, helping you find a plan that fits your budget and gets you the equipment you need to succeed. With Five Star Equipment, investing in premium construction machinery has never been easier or more accessible.

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Interested in our John Deere construction equipment? Don’t hesitate to contact us! Our experienced team is on standby to assist you in identifying the perfect machinery for your specific project requirements. At Five Star Equipment, we’re committed to helping you achieve success in all your construction ventures.

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