Before You Rent

Our branch Rental Managers and Sales Professionals are here to answer any questions you may have.

Know what to ask before you rent

Here are some questions and topics to discuss with your Five Star Equipment branch Rental Manager or Sales Professional prior to renting construction equipment or attachments:

How can I be sure I'm selecting the right equipment for the job?

No matter if you know exactly the make and model you need for the job, or if you can’t decide between a skid steer or a compact track loader, make sure you discuss the type of job you are doing with your Rental Manager.

The Rental Managers at each Five Star Equipment branch are experts on the best machine make, model and size for the job you have. In addition, they can recommend any additional technological upgrades, such as grade control systems or attachments you need to get the job done as cost-effectively as possible.

How long can I rent a particular machine?

People look to rent machines for days, weeks, and in many instances, for months.

Rental agreements should match your specific timeframe for the project, while allowing for unforeseen variables to come into play during the rental term. Five Star Equipment’s rental agreements are flexible when the customer has interest in extending the rental agreement. Many times, a project takes longer than anticipated, or another job has come along where the machine would work well. In the vast majority of cases, the rental agreement can easily be extended.

Can I purchase the machine I'm renting?

In many instances, the renter realizes this machine they are renting could be a useful part of their business on a full-time basis and want to purchase it. Five Star Equipment offers a Rental Purchase program for just this situation. Our branch Rental Managers would be happy to work with you on the purchase of your rental machine, including applying a percentage of the rental paid towards the purchase of the equipment.

How does it get transported to my jobsite?

Five Star Equipment partners with many heavy equipment transportation companies to move our equipment to your current and next job site. We offer equipment transportation on all rental agreements and purchases.

Who handles the maintenance?

One of the best investments in any machine is preventative maintenance. It’s the key to avoiding downtime. It’s important that you confirm with your Rental Manager who is responsible for scheduling and performing the service of your rental machine.

All Five Star Equipment rental customers are expected to perform basic, daily preventative maintenance, while the company is responsible for detailed inspection and repairs due to normal use. Many John Deere machines are equipped with JD Link, John Deere’s machine tracking and monitoring system. Five Star Equipment’s Machine Health Monitoring Specialist can monitor the performance of machines in our area in real-time, enabling us to contact you regarding any potential issues before they become serious problems that impact your schedule.

What kind of insurance do I need?

Insurance is mandatory for all companies that operate the equipment. Five Star Equipment requires proof of General Liability and Property Insurance for demo, loaner, rental, and rent-to-purchase agreements. Additional details on insurance rental requirements can be discussed with your Rental Manager.

When will I be billed?

Five Star Equipment bills rental customers on a monthly basis. Keep in mind there may be additional costs built into your rental agreement with us, such as taxes and fees. It’s important to ask about all costs related to each particular machine that you rent from us.

Please contact your local Five Star Equipment branch Rental Manager for any questions you may have regarding equipment available to rent, or our rental policies.

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