John Deere Worksight™

John Deere WorkSight™ turns data into solutions to optimize machines, improve uptime and make your jobsite more efficient and improve your profitability.

Powering Your Success with John Deere WorkSight™ Technology

We can even monitor your equipment so you don’t have to.

John Deere WorkSight from Five Star Equipment delivers three primary benefits:

Machine Optimization

WorkSight lets you see machines that are idling excessively, inactive, running at very high loads for long periods of time, or moving when they shouldn’t be.

  • Easily identify unused machines so they can be redeployed.
  • Compare fuel-burn rates across multiple machines.
  • See time spent idling, to reduce unnecessary fuel consumption, saving you money.
Uptime Optimization

WorkSight provides a number of ways to significantly boost uptime, plus save a dramatic amount of time and costs associated with machine repairs.

  • Exclusive remote dealer diagnostics, machine performance recordings, and software updates reduce time and costs associated with a technician visit to the jobsite.
  • Exclusive machine health prognostics recommendations identify potential problems early so you can avoid more costly repairs down the road.
  • Alerts sent to your computer, mobile device or to Five Star Equipment to inform you immediately of machine issues so you can address them quickly, reducing downtime.
Jobsite Optimization

WorkSight ensures you have the right machines from your fleet on the right job.

  • Analyze time spent in gear to identify operator-training opportunities.
  • Confidently adjust required margins in estimates to be more competitive.
  • View historical data on fuel consumption, passes and payloads for reference on similar jobs.

Why You Need John Deere WorkSight

Uptime and profitability
Dealer support
Payload accuracy
Operator efficiency
Machine security

Fuel consumption
Maintenance costs
Unnecessary wear and tear
Unexpected repairs

How it Works

The five core technologies of John Deere WorkSight:

JDLink™Machine Monitoring System

  • Manage multiple machines from one location. JDLink is your connection to the profitability-enhancing benefits of John Deere WorkSight.
  • 24/7 remote access to fleet location and utilization, machine alerts, maintenance reminders and more. Standard with three years of service on the most new John Deere machines, five years on production-class models.

Machine Health Prognostics

  • John Deere WorkSight machine health prognostics provide alerts and recommendations to increase machine availability and significantly lower operating expenses.
  • Analyze your JDLink data and fluid samples to recommend maintenance to address issues before they turn into costly repairs and downtime.

Remote Diagnostics and Programming

  • Five Star Equipment can warn you of problems with your machine and initiate solutions without visiting the jobsite and charging you for a technician’s travel time with John Deere WorkSight’s exclusive remote diagnostics and programming.
  • With an active JDLink Ultimate subscription, Five Star Equipment can read and reset diagnostic trouble codes, record performance readings and update software without a trip to the jobsite, significantly reducing your machine’s downtime.

Payload Weighing

  • Onboard payload weighing for Deere’s articulated dump trucks (ADTs) provides overload protection, with mirror-mounted load indicators that inform the operator when the truck is nearing capacity.
  • Makes loading and moving material more efficient and accurate on select John Deere wheel loaders and ADTs. Payload and production data can be viewed remotely in JDLink Ultimate.

Grade Control

  • Do the same work you’ve been doing for years at a greater speed, in fewer passes, with more accuracy. Grade control literally guarantees that required heights are met, eliminating the risk of overrunning estimated time and budgeted costs.
  • Helps dozer, excavator and motor grader operators work faster and more accurately. Grade control utilization can be viewed remotely in JDLink Ultimate.

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