New Pro-Tech Forklift Sno Pusher

forklift snow pusher attachment, pro tech sno pusher for forklift

The Forklift Sno Pusher allows you to turn your company’s forklift into a snow removal machine. Perfect for loading docks, and parking spots. Often used as an emergency backup to a primary snow removal option.

  • Transforms forklift into a snow removal machine
  • Perfect as a backup snow plow
  • Can be used with most commercial forklifts
  • Rubber edge squeegees snow from the surface
  • Available Sizes: 10ft, 12ft, 14ft

Find the Pro-Tech Forklift Sno Pusher for sale across Five Star Equipment’s 7  locations in Scranton, Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, Williamsport, Erie, and Binghamton areas in PA & NY.

Pro-Tech Forklift Sno Pusher Specs:

Full Specs
ModelWidthApprox. WeightMachine Minimum (HP)MoldboardSideplateSnow CapacityPrice
FT10F10′1300 lbs.50 hp36″36″ x 36″9 yd.$5,599
FT12F12′1450 lbs.70 hp36″36″ x 36″11 yd.$6,399
FT14F14′1600 lbs.85 hp36″36″ x 36″13 yd.$7,199

Product Features

  • Transforms forklift into a snow removal machine
  • Perfect as a backup snow plow
  • Can be used with most commercial forklifts
  • Rubber edge squeegees snow from surface
  • 10-year warranty
  • From $5,599

Why Professionals Choose Pro-Tech Snow Pushers

  • Superior Moldboard Construction: By incorporating structural steel channels, Pro-Tech ensures its snow plows are exceptionally durable and built to last.
  • Comprehensive Corrosion Protection: Pro-Tech plows are safeguarded against corrosion from the inside out thanks to fully welded seams, enhancing their longevity.
  • Additional Reinforcement for Tough Jobs: Triangular gusset side supports are integrated into our snow plows for extra reinforcement, ideal for moving heavy snow piles.
  • Ease of Operation: Pro-Tech designs its snow plows and pushers with the user in mind, guaranteeing simplicity in operation and maintenance.
  • Outstanding Customer Service: A staggering 99% of Pro-Tech users rate their experience as “excellent,” underscoring our dedication to customer satisfaction.
  • Decade-Long Warranty: Our 10-year warranty reflects the durability of Pro-Tech plows, with many customers relying on their equipment for over two decades.
  • Proven Industry Leader: With a legacy spanning over 25 years, Pro-Tech’s expertise in containment snow plows is unmatched, providing proven reliability and value.

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